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Should You Clean Gutters Yourself?

Should you clean gutters yourself

Unless you have gutter guards installed or there isn’t a tree anywhere close to your home, chances are good you will have to clean out your home’s gutters periodically. Cleaning your home’s gutters is tedious, dirty, and dangerous, but there are ways you can make cleaning out your gutters not so tedious. Let’s look at three tips on cleaning your gutters yourself.

So, Should You Clean Gutters Yourself?

Safety is Number One

Safety is number one when cleaning gutters yourself. The professionals use the right ladders, the right equipment, and the proper safety gear when they clean gutters – you should, too. Safety factors depend on the job at hand, but all gutter cleaning jobs should start with a fixed ladder, good footwear, gloves, a professional tie-off (tying yourself off to a point to avoid falling) and a dry roof. According to OSHA many injurious falls come from less than six feet so tie off, stay vigilant, and keep the proper gear handy.

Consider Cheats

There are many cheats that make the job easier while keeping you safe including a leaf blower and a pressure washer. You can go inch-by-inch along the gutter line on the ladder and slop your gutter debris onto the ground, or you can use tools like a pressure washer set on a low setting or a leaf blower to blast your debris away. These tools should only be used when the roof is walkable, and you can remain tied-in to prevent falling off.

Downspouts are Important

If you wash all the debris in your gutters into your downspouts, you better clean those downspouts, too. The downspouts are one of the most critical parts of your guttering system as they ultimately decide where water and debris end up. If your downspouts are clogged, water will back up into your gutter system and will pour over into areas where you don’t want water.

Check the downspout entry, the length of the pipe, and the exit. In many cases, you can loosen a couple of screws and take the downspout down for easier cleaning. When cleaning your gutters take care that your downspouts are left clean before you call the job finished.

We know cleaning your home’s gutters is a chore but by staying safe, using cheats, and remembering the importance of downspouts, you can clean your gutters safely and efficiently. If all else fails, call on Roof Monkeys to get a quote and avoid having to do the dirty work yourself.

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